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Wrapping up the butt-twin saga...

And we finally reach the heart-warming conclusion of Tears of the Soul. How did Xander's ass sustain two little Mary Sue darlings? How did Spike and Angel become weepy pimps with private jets and synchronised penises? What colour are the twins' eyes? Well, if you've ever read crapfic, you already know which one of these questions the ficcer deemed important enough to answer.

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Traitors to the Gorgeous Carat Fandom

Having been just recently inspired by my ficbitching idol skinship, and by bitching apart an insipid little e-reviewer who insulted an excellent book, I'd like to say hi, everybody: I don my bitching cap once again after a year of hiatus, and join this troupe for the first time! Huzzah? Verily. :3

Generally, I don't like to pick apart the Gorgeous Carat fandom. It is very very tiny and fragile with only one or two redeeming qualities to it, sort of like a rabid baby bunny who only wants to tear your face off. But through we fans' prolonged refusal to call bad GC fics when we see them for the sake of numbers and/or camraderie, the fandom has just become absoutely overrun with sissy crybaby Florians, spastic control-freaks Rays and bitchy Mean Girls-esque Lailas. The fanfiction.net Gorgeous Carat community, per usual, is the worst of all.

Well, it cannot stand! This fangirl is standing up and saying no to the tyranny of ficcers over this obscure little fandom, once and for all! 

There are nearly too many bad GC fics to count on ff.net alone, but this is one of the most recent, by an Akasha721, entitled "Blue Diamond". Incidentally, this isn't purple prose, just redundancy: the story really does revolve around a blue diamond. Guh. Only a taste of the dark backstreets of the Gorgeous Carat ff.net community, I fear.

In addition, this ficcer is terrifyingly forward with her readers.


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Quoting Mariah Carey makes my ass feel so much better!

Well, I'm a productive bitch these days.

You asked for it, folks. Here are four more chapters of Tears of the Soul, the stirring vampire polyamory drama, starring some random idiots who share their names with Spike, Angel and Xander from Buffy. See how they mysteriously turn from wimpy male lesbians into sleazy pimps! Marvel as Xander rants at his two robotic lovers for hours and hours, and then quotes Eminem! And finally, enjoy the double-ass-pregnancy.

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use the spellcheck luke!

The bitch is back!

Time to return once again to the male lesbian vampire drama known as Tears of the Soul, starring Spike, Angel and Xander and their newly installed Hausfrau Brain Chips! It isn't nearly as exciting as it may sound, I'm afraid.

(The first part of the bitching can be found here.)

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Well, this is my first ficbitch ever so please be kind.  I decided to start myself off with something that really deserves it so there is no way that I can fail.  By saying so, I hope I have not doomed myself.

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GAFF is back, GAFF is bac~ck! *does happy dance*

But anyway, that's not what I'm here for. This purile piece was the very first story on the adult fanfiction page for Kingdom Hearts. It's Leon/Sora. Incestuous Leon/Sora.

However, neither of these things is what makes this fic horrible (wow, I'm really jaded if I can say that with a straight face, am I?). What makes it horrible is it contains two of the most feminized, ball-less Sora and Leon I have ever seen in the fanfiction world. And coming from someone who read Naga Eyes, that's saying a lot.

And can someone tell me how to remove lj-cuts?

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Some MSTs for your viewing pleasure...

Lurker posting for the first time. :D  My sister and I, when bored, which happens quite a lot, find badfic to MST and we started up a little MSTing site with all of our mockings.  I thought I'd post them here, with labels and such, since most of them are multi-chaptered Mary-Sue self-insert fics (the best kinds to mock because they are so awesome awful)  Enjoy, if you read.  :)

The main page of the MSTing site can be found here.

The Fics That Have Been Mocked:

Gundam Wing

"Love is a Shooting Star" [First chapter here]

"Here with Me" [First chapter here]

"Mission Complete" [First chapter here]

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

"Beautiful Stranger" [First chapter here]

Ronin Warriors/YST

"Untitled" and "Their Mysterious Past" [Both found here]