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Why, hello my dearest non - aquaintances. I'm here for ... What else? Ficbitch.
This is my first ever, though with this pile of dead brain cells it shouldn't be too bad.

Today we have an "author" who makes me only wish that my cat had successfully clawed my eyes out all those times. The one, and GLADLY only, KidHeart4. I do realize a while ago anatinea did this same author, doing half of her first story. I commend anatinea and I don't blame them for not getting through that abomination. However, I don't want to steal their thunder and finish the second half of it (secretly because I'm an ass) so I've decided to do another one of her "lovely" little chapters, or stories, or whatever.

Enjoy ... or not.

-1A Dangerous Kiss?

By: KidHeart4

Disclaimer: I do not own the Mighty Ducks or any of their characters. I do own Lis though, for she is one of my own created characters. [Well of course she is, do you think the writers of the show would SERIOUSLY allow this girl to be thought of?] This is the second story to my Mighty Ducks series.

It had started out as a peaceful morning. For once I hadn't awoken to alarms or troublesome intruders as I had been accustomed to in the past. I simply slipped out of bed and pulled on my denim jeans. For some reason forgetting a shirt for now and stepping out and into the hallway. Then I headed towards the galley for some breakfast.

I had just about made it when I noticed something on my arm. The mark that were just slightly darker than my smoothed feathers. [Marks. Or perhaps it was Mark that was. Either way, now that you're up, Duke, RUN. RUN AWAY. FAR AWAY. Before she ruins you any further! D:] The scars that I had received as a price for my life as a thief were showing all up my arms and across my chest, as well as down my stomach and back. Knowing full well that the marks were also placed upon my legs in various spots. Though none of these stories I was willing to tell anyone, including the young teammates that I now lived with.

So without another step, I turned back around and headed hastily toward my room. Hoping to get there and grab a shirt before anyone saw me. While I remembered never having this problem in my old life. [Comprehensible, along with complete, sentences don't make sense to you, do they?] Anyone I had lived with was used to the markings from blades and bullets. However, I knew a certain young girl who would have been afraid of the scars, and the stories behind them.

The girl I failed to avoid now as she stepped out of her bedroom now. [Repeating words is obnoxious to look at because they're unneccessary (to look at)] Dressed in black jeans, white turtle neck, and a team jersey. With a small, silver cross clasped around her neck. Her hands reaching up as she stretched a little. Her fingers trying to grasp an invisible bar above her as she yawned sleepily. Then one hand fell down to rub the sleep out of her eyes. This entire moment was just too cute to keep from smiling at. Until she turned my way that is. Waving to me a little when she saw me in front of her. [Again?]

I had to think of something fast to distract her from my scratches and marks, or she would be concerned. Lis had already shown some feeling towards me, as much as she tried to hide it, and would have been troubled by them if she saw. She had shown me that when we had met. I couldn't concern her with old injuries that she couldn't help with. So I had to think quickly. [Quit repeating things. We know she'd "get worried" and has "shown feelings for him." No need to repeat the facts twice in one sentence. PS. You realize it's pointless because if this retarded romance goes on he has to, I dunno, BE HONEST WITH HER. Haha, just kidding. In fact, the best relationships are based off of hidden truths and lying, obviously.]

"Good morn-"

Before the young girl could finish, I had thought back to my own realization. Lis had feelings for me, and any girl with her first crush would be flustered around the guy she liked. So I hoped. With that I quickened my pace and slipped behind her. Resting a gentle hand on her shoulder and leaning just slightly towards her as I smiled a charming smile towards her. Drawing her attention to my face, and not my scars. [Thank you, Captain obvious, for pointing out that people get flustered, especially this, what, twelve year old you're hitting on. Isn't that, like, pedophilia, or something? Because you're probably past your twenties at this point.]

"Good mornin' sweetheart," I said smoothly. [A very rare glimpse of the actual Duke within these failed abortions.]

Just as I had hoped, Lis grew very aware of the fact that I was shirtless as I stood beside her. She searched for a reply in vain. I couldn't help but smile more when I realized just how young her heart truly was. She'd never had these type of feelings before, and she wasn't sure how to express them. I could even feel the slight trembling of her shoulder beneath my hand. While her usually pale face was colored with a deep crimson.  [1. types. 2. The punctuation between "hand" and "while" should be a comma, otherwise there are incomplete sentences.  3. Bring on the "Bawwwwwws" for this is Bawwwwwwful.]

I almost forgot why I was beside her in the first place. Becoming lost in entangled emotions of my very own perhaps. [ ... I give up. Just shoot me now.] For I didn't want to step away until I noticed another scar. One that was scared on my wrist as it rested against her shoulder blade. If she turned towards me, she would see many marks like that. I didn't want to trouble her with my dark memories. So I reluctantly pulled away from her and went towards my room. Finding a jersey of my own to wear. Mine was mostly black to her mostly burgundy one.

Once I was fully clothed, I stepped out into the hallway. Finding that she had just finally begun to walk towards the galley again. Heading towards the other.

"Wait up Lis!" I called to her. [Commas, woman! Ever head of them?]

The young girl stopped and turned towards me. [comma, god - fucking - dammit.] Still blushing slightly as she waited for me to catch up with her. Smiling welcomingly as she looked to me. [*Points gun to head* If you give me one more cut - off, incomplete sentence, I swear to Zeus ...] I couldn't help but smile back at her as I finally caught up with her. Perhaps it was more than a distraction that I wanted to be near her now. Was I falling for her in return? I remembered the feeling of love pushing it's way into my heart when I had seen her crying from her nightmares before. Yet was it that real? I thought I had given up that hope long ago, when I had become a thief.

Yet I wasn't an outlaw anymore. Perhaps there were some dreams and wishes for emotions such as love and compassion. Though was it too late for me? I really didn't know what to think.

I was now walking beside Duke when he took me by the hand. It happened so quickly that I hadn't had time to step away. So far I had fought so hard to hide how I felt for Duke; but keeping from blushing when ever he touched me was another battle. [ Wait, when did we turn over from the Raving idiot that was once Duke to the even bigger idiot that is this character?]

"Ya alright Lis?" I heard him ask me cheerfully [FROM -- sounds a bit better in this mind melter.] beside me.

I nodded quietly before finding my voice, "Yes...I'm fine."

However, deep down my heart was dying inside. It's feelings hushed to silence, and it's desires shoved aside. For I had my doubts that Duke would love a human girl such as myself. Why would he be interested in me? [Finally, some sense out of you. Of course he's not interested in you, he's only holding your hand becuase you're a small child who'd get lost. Bahaha. Only  in my dreams *Sobfest*]

Soon we were at the breakfast table and I took a seat beside Nosedive. While Duke sat on the other side of me. There were waffles set at the center of the table, and everyone was taking their fill. While we also talked cheerfully and laughed as a group of friends should. The family we were growing to be now. We didn't really have much choice but to live together, so it made sense to act like a family of some sort. [So many ... Incomplete ... Sentences ... I can't ... Take it.]

The rest of that day went on just as peacefully it seemed. Until I decided to step outside for a little while. For I had wanted to be in the sun for a little while.

Though as I stepped out of the building, I could tell that I wasn't wanted. For I met the eyes of humans across the street. A group of teenagers that I hadn't seen during the hockey games had been standing there. They didn't seem very happy to see me at all. Their eyes were filled with disgust and questions as they glared at me. As though I were a traitor. While my mind screamed the same to them. For what I remembered of humans, was that they had left me out to die. Forcing me to leave the very planet. How could I be blamed for wanting just a little friendship in my life. My heart begged for the love that those in the team provided for me. The love of a new family. A family I felt that I could trust. [1. You mean HAD seen during the hockey games. 2. Oh boo hoo, you're so rejected and alone. Go visit an orphanage from the 20th century and then talk about being rejected and alone.]

"You don't belong out here duck girl!" One of the female teens hissed with spitting eyes of ember. [Duck Girl? Wow, that's clever. Maybe you should be a comedian. NOT. Also, Commas! Grr ...]

I only looked at them confused. These harsh looks came to me only for loving those different from myself. Was I not supposed to accept the ones that had accepted me? Perhaps I was an alien even on Earth, as well as Puck World. [Okay. It's Puckworld like a planet, not Puck World like an amusement park.]

"Why do you love those aliens so much? Are humans not good enough for you?" A blond male asked me bitterly.

"It-it's not-"

"It's not what? You're a traitor to our kind," the girl told me harshly.

I looked to her in bewilderment, "They've saved all of this city. The humans here love them. They see them as heroes. Why can't I?"

"They don't run away to live with them. Humans know not to mix with them though, except you anyway."

I couldn't help but glare at them now, "They can save our lives, but we can't treat them as friends? Are humans really that cold hearted? If so, I don't want anything to do with them!" [ Actually, we are that cold hearted. Don't you know about the horrors of racism?]

"Yet you don't have a choice, or did you not notice that you are the same as we are?"

I looked at them in disbelief. After [WHAT] I had been put through, they could dare say that they were the same. They wouldn't help me; but the team did. They took me in when humans chased me out of their world. Dive, Wing, and Canard had welcomed me with open arms, despite the problems they received from their own friends on Puck World. [You better hope you don't come to my home town, because I will give you the most gruesome History/ English/ proper use of fandom lesson and your little brain will explode.]

"You're right, we are the same race; but I would never sink as low as you have!"

"But you would betray us, which is sinking even lower," the blond spat coldly, "traitor!"

"I'm not a traitor!" I finally shouted, losing my temper.

A moment later I was stepping away from them. Unsure of where to go, and somehow I found myself up on the roof of the Pond. Trying to escape their cruel laughter and harsh words. While tears swelled up in my eyes. For I wasn't able to hold them back anymore. Was it truly wrong to live with the only ones that had shown me kindness and friendship? Was I a traitor for living with them? My head ached and my heart tore into pieces.

Before I knew it, the sun had begun to set. Leaving me in the shadows of a cooling night. Still curled up as I tried hard not to cry. Yet it was a useless attempt.

So basically, after this litte badly written Baw - fest above, she does another sudden character change and Duke "magically" finds this nitwit on the roof. They're all bawwww on the roof, yadda yadda. Dragaunus is up to no good (Duh?) and almost separates them. The day is saved and Duke and this "Lis" chick are mackin' after she admits her love for him ... Wow, KidHeart4, really?
I think my IQ went down 50% reading this, and this is only, like, 1/4 of the story? out of a span of, like a million fanfictions she's done. This chick is bonkers.
And did you know that her characters whole name is "Lisbeth?"
What's wrong with "Elizabeth" or "Lyssa"?
Oh, that's right, those are average names and this token to pedophilia has to have a '"special" name to go along with her "special" life story and her "special" personality.
And now, my fellows, I will go smash my head in with a brick, and if I don't die from that, take a nap.


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