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Congratulations, you're the obsessive father of a Sue.

Why am I still bitching this horrid fic? Why do cats find floor drains so endlessly fascinating?

In this fourth chapter of Two of a Kind, the author piles some hate on Tatsumi and Ketessa doubles her Sue points.

Two of a Kind: Return ( Chapter 4 ) (Y - Young Adult: Not suitable for readers under 16 [Let's get real here. This fic is written for the author's masturbatory purposes only. Readers get about as much respect as a woman in an Uwe Böll movie.])
Anime/Manga: Yami No Matsuei
Genre(s): Drama / Hentai / Romance | Type: Yaoi
Author: Sueona
Uploaded On: October 03, 2006 17:24 CDT
Pages: 4 | Words: 6972 | Size: 34 KB | Visits: 34 | Status: Work In Progress
Summary: Tsuzuki learns more about the girl named Ketessa. [If we get to find out as much as we found out about Kira - mainly, that she's omnipotent, yet useless - I'm not going to hold my breath.]

Disclaimer: I do not own any characters of Yami No Matsuei. I wish I did, but if I did I would not being writing fanfiction.
Warning: Bad language and more angst from Tsuzuki and Kira. [Awesome. I'll put on my melodrama-resistant boots.] Yaoi (Boy and boy love.)
Summary: It has been two years after Kyoto and Muraki appears once again. Muraki and Tsuzuki both have changed since then and are learning from their past mistakes. What does that mean for those two? A young girl comes into the picture and asks for help. Who is this girl and what does she want from Muraki and Tsuzuki?
Notes: This is the fourth chapter to Two of a Kind. You will learn more about the secret behind Tsuzuki's daughter. [Please, please tell me she didn't crawl out of a butt. That's all I'm asking.] Thanks to all who have read and reviewed my story. It helps me continue the story with knowing people are enjoying the story. [It helps me ing when people ing back.]

Chapter Four: Return

Tsuzuki's POV:

Sensing someone in the room, I look around like I would find my lover in the room again. That this is all a nightmare. Asking while I sit up in the bed, "Who is there?" A young girl with long red hair walks out of the shadows and gives me a soft smile. [I'M SHOCKED. Her smile is neither sad nor cold! Is it the end of the universe? Where are the horsemen?] Her eyes make me jump as I think, "Her eyes are the same as me." [Her eyes are stupid, whiny and out of character?]

She asks while tilting her head to the side, "Are you afraid of me?"

That question surprises me. Why would I be afraid of her? She is warm and nice. [And quite possibly the only person in this bizarro universe still capable of maintaining body heat.] I can feel it in her heart. She wishes to help. How do I know that when I have no idea who she is? [Because the author has given you the extra skill Empathy (Mary Sues). Don't get too excited. It's a pretty common skill in bad fanfics.] Why is she here? It is the sadness in her eyes [NO! YOU WERE DOING SO WELL!] that makes my own heart feel sorrow. [Mournfully, it pumps my undead blood into my veins, weeping as it does so.] Shaking my head, I respond, "No. You just surprised me. Who are you?" She walks to the bed and takes a seat on the edge while studying me. What is it about this girl that makes me feel like I have talked to her before? [You shared a meaningful past that the main baddie somehow made you forget, duh. Get with the program.]

She speaks up while turning her head to face the window, "It has been awhile. The curse that does not leave my soul even in my death. Why is that? Can you answer me that question?" [No. You make very little sense. And I'm bitter because you almost managed to fool me with the soft smile.]

She is lost in her own pain and I can feel it more in my heart than my soul. [Thank you for that absolutely nonsensical detail.] Seeing the tears in her purple eyes, I wipe them away as I ask, "What is wrong?" Taking the young girl into my arms like it is meant to be like this, [NO. GODDAMN SUE. UNCLENCH YOUR CLAWS.] I whisper, "It is okay."

She explains, "They call me Ketessa. That name was given to me before I was born but it was not the name my mother gave me. It is my best way of no one to ever learn my real identity. [Your current identity can casually blackmail Lord Enma himself and destroy entire worlds. Pray tell, what is your REAL identity capable of? And are you afraid of the mysterious THEM, too, just like everyone else?]"

Hearing the door open, I turn to see Mr. Keyis walk in with Watari. What is going on? What is that look on Mr. Keyis' face? He looks like he is upset about her but also great fear with a touch of confusion. [I feel like I've been touched by confusion, too.] She moves from my embrace as she stands up. Breaking the silence, I ask, "What is up, Watari? [And next time, can you please knock? Me and the Sues value our privacy.]"

He shrugs his shoulders and answers, "Not sure. Mr. Keyis said that we had to come here."

Mr. Keyis speaks up with anger in his voice, "You should not be here." [Um, Keyis. Did you forget to take your medication again? Or could the author possibly have forgotten to mention who you're talking to?]

She glares at him as she replies, "That is to your point of view, Keyis. It is I who can help. [For it is I, great Mary Sue the Second, the destroyer of worlds, the cuddler of canonical characters. Bow down before my greatness.] Can you bring Kazutaka back? Can you bring all the enemies down to their knees? [Neener neener, I'm omnipotent and you're nooooot!]"

It is her anger that startles me and I stand up. Mr. Keyis is ready to fight her, [I never thought I'd sympathise with the two-penny stock character, but I have SO MUCH love for him right now.] but I can't let him harm her. Why do I feel the need to protect her? [I don't know, maybe because she's the only one who wants to answer all your annoying questions.] Stepping in front of her, I resort, "You will not do anything to her." He gives me a surprise look as Soka and Oriya walks in. [Oh, hey! Has anyone heard of knocking?] They look at all of us and Soka grabs his head. [Tsuzuki! Is that ANOTHER Mary Sue you've adopted? What am I going to do with you?] I ask with concern in my voice, "What is wrong, Soka?"

He looks at the girl with sadness in his eyes as he answers, "I'm fine, Tsuzuki. [Just very, very sad to see another one of those Sue creatures. Do I have to become her BFF, now?]"

She turns her face [into five loaves of bread and two fish] as she replies, "Sorry. I forget to put my shields to the highest when you are around."

Mr. Keyis leans against the wall as he asks, "What are you doing here? Why did you go see Lord Emna, Ketessa? [And how can I possibly know this? Am I spying on Lord Enma, too?] You are the one who is his greatest enemy, but you speak with him."

She answers with a grin, "To use that fear is to win. [To speak like bad subtitle is to be in this fic.] I need Kazutaka. I need him alive once again."

He raises his eyebrow while stating, "That is all it is to you."

She replies in a cold tone, "There were other reasons, but you do not need to know that. [Puny stock character! You are not worthy of information!]"

He chuckles while responding, "You have a heart after all. Do you realize I know your other side?"

Looking them over, I ask, "What are you talking about?" [I'd like to know as well. I can't figure out whose side Keyis is on. At first, he was the shield between the good guys and Carton. When Carton disappeared, he appears to have become very confused.] She gives me a sad look, but doesn't answer me. [Puny canonical character. You are not worthy of information, either.] She is more than she is showing us. [And which one of her insanely powerful identities might you be referring to this time?] I feel close to this girl but have no idea why. Needing to know the answer, I reply, "Answer me."

She turns her head to the side and answers, "He is referring to my false identity. The identity that Kazutaka raised me as. [Muraki's been pretty busy in the past he doesn't remember. So far, he's raised TWO MARY SUES. How did he find the time for his medical studies? His serial killing hobby?] The person who stands before you is the one you call, K... [Please, please keep Gravitation out of this.]"

Tatsumi cuts her off as he walks in, "I do not think that would be a good idea, Miss Ketessa." [What? Tatsumi was listening behind the door? That doesn't sound like him.]

She gives him a cold look as she replies, "That is where you are wrong. [Boo, Tatsumi. Let's put down Tatsumi, everyone!] You should mind your own business, Mr. Tatsumi. I told you to stay out my way. You know nothing about me. I want Kazutaka back."

Her tears are killing my heart as I embrace her with giving a cold glare at Tatsumi for upsetting her. [Boo! Hiss!]

She is something to me. The care I feel for her is like a father who would do this for their own daughter. Falling to my knees, I grab my head as I whisper, "That's it."

Tatsumi asks in concern, "Tsuzuki, what is wrong?" [Even now, Tatsumi doesn't get mad, just worries about him. What the hell is wrong with you, author? Even when you manage to get them in character, you don't seem to be aware of it! Everybody's acting like Tatsumi is the biggest jerk in all jerkendom, but I can only see the sweet, protective guy he is in canon.]

He walks to me and I yell, "Stay the hell away!"

He turns to look at her and asks, "What did you do to him?" [YOU GO, TATSUMI. Always knew you were smart.]

Glaring at my friend, [whom you constantly either abuse or ignore. Yeah, Tsuzuki, you're the friend of the year.] I respond, "Leave my daughter alone!" They all look at me like I'm nuts, but she doesn't. She looks at me with surprise in her purple eyes. I don't know how I remember she is my daughter. [Must've been the author, messing about in my head again!]

She asks with taking a step back, "How do you know? How could you remember? Saki . . . "

Standing up, I cut her off, "I'm not sure. That is why Kazutaka can't remember you either, right?" [Muraki hasn't met this Sue yet! I don't blame Tsuzuki for getting Kira and Ketessa mixed up, though, as they have interchangable personalities.] She nods her head and I pull her into an embrace. [Can you please not cuddle the Sue for two seconds? I mean, everybody's watching.] I have my daughter back and I will protect her even if I know she can handle her own [unfinished sentences]. Looking at Mr. Keyis, I resort in anger, "No one will harm her, I promise you that, Mr. Keyis. I will not lose her again."

He gives me a strange look as he replies, "Never said that I was after her." [Thank you, stock character. This scene has made you a billion times more likable.]

Watching him walk out of the room, I whisper to her, "Are you okay?" [Does it hurt to breathe? Am I holding you too tightly? I can't seem to help clutching you all the time.] She nods her head against my shoulder. Everyone else is still surprise and will not speak a word, but the look in Oriya's eyes betray that he is surprise. [S-U-R-P-R-I-S-E-D. Learn a new word today, author.] I ask, "Oriya, what is wrong?" [Haven't you ever seen anyone overcome by their love for a Mary Sue daughter before?]

He looks at me in confusion and answers, "Nothing, Tsuzuki. [I'm not at all freaked out about all this. Honestly. Really. For srs.]"

He betrays his answer by looking at her again. Is it wise to ask him again? [Well, it'll make you look like an idiot, but I don't think there's a lower intellectual level than the one you're already on, so go for it.] He knows her real name. The name I can't remember. [Oh? Did the author whisper that to you, Tsuzuki? Because nothing else supports this theory.] Then again, I never knew I had a daughter until her death. [Oh, thank you thank you thank you. I take that to mean she didn't crawl out of Tsuzuki's rectum. THANK YOU SO MUCH.] She was killed by Saki. I ask while looking at Oriya, "Were you killed by Saki?"

["No, Tsuzuki, I'm quite alive," says Oriya, now absolutely sure Tsuzuki's lost his marbles.]

She looks up at me and then at Oriya as she replies, "Yes. He was the one who killed me and my mother. [If Kira and Ketessa are some kind of divine twins, I'm going to scream.]"

Feeling the guilt of taking advantage of her mother, I question myself, "How could I do that?"

She replies in sadness, [reading my mind and thus knowing what I was talking about,] "It was my mother who used you not the other way around. She lusted after you, but never loved you. You were in pain and she helped you. [By raping you! Isn't my mum great? She has the female equivalent of the Healing Cock!] I know it sounds cruel to say that about you and my mother, but that is the truth. It means nothing to me [Clearly, as you are not meddling with Tsuzuki's life at all.] and my mother was happy to have me. She deared me like no other [even inventing a new word to do it]."

Oriya finally speaks, "The sadness in your eyes doesn't suit you." [THAT's your comment about all this madness?]

It sounds like he knows her well. [How the fuck. Has Oriya been lying to everyone all this time? What a sneaky, unpleasant character you've made him, author.] She turns to stare at him and gives him a sad smile. Something is more to this than they are telling me, [...What?] but I will not ask. What did she mean about Kazutaka? [Uh. The last thing she said about Muraki was that she wanted him back. What part of that did you not understand?]

She speaks while pulling away from my embrace, "I must take my leave for now. I wanted to make sure you were all right. [And it's not like the knowledge that he was molest0red by a woman he doesn't remember and has a daughter is at all hard for him to process. Nice to see you're taking care of him, Sue!] Please go back [Back where?] and do not forget your loyalty, father."

Watching her disappear before our eyes, I think, "Do not forget my loyalty. I know it will always be to Lord Emna, but it is also to her." [I hate Mary Sues. Have I mentioned that yet? Because I really, really hate them. See how they enslave everyone around them?] I will protect her with everything I have. Turning around to stare at Tatsumi, I reply, "Please don't upset her again." [Give him a break, already. Seriously. We get it, the author doesn't like Tatsumi. No need to keep beating the dead horse.] He nods to me and walks out of the room quickly. Looking at the floor, I whisper, "I made him mad at me again." [Now you want SYMPATHY? You're unbelievable, Bizarro!Tsuzuki. What you need is a goddamn slap to the face.] Wishing that Kazutaka was right here with me, I think, "Please, come back." [He was always there to applaud Tsuzuki's selfish and infantile behaviour.] Everyone else leaves me to my thoughts. It is now that I wish I had Kazutaka here and now. [Now. Right now. THIS VERY MINUTE. I want Muraki! I want I want I want! I'll hold my breath until I get him back!] He was the only one who would embrace me with the warmth of another. [That sounds like Muraki used to wrap Tsuzuki in someone else's warmth. Sounds creepy. Sounds like Muraki.] Sitting down on the bed, I ask myself, "Did she mean that she will bring you back to me? My other side, my other part of my soul, and my love." [Give her five minutes.]

Kira's POV:

The pain in his soul was so great. [YES. You're only interested in pain. WE KNOW.] Walking down the path of the cherry blossoms, I think, "This will not end until Saki is dead for good. [So kill him already. Come on, I know you have the power. Do it so that we can all go home.] The true descendant of darkness desires me." [What. The immortal someone who raised Saki from the dead wants you? Would you like to explain that? No, of course not.] How can this hurt so much? The pain I feel for Kazutaka's death is much more than I ever thought it could be. Stopping in front of a tree that I was killed under [Oh, you're in a dream sequence or in Happy LSD Unicorn Land again. Thanks for mentioning it.] and looking at the dark sky, I whisper to no one, "I will make everything right again. I swear."

A male's voice rings through the night's air, "A vow that you take upon yourself once again."

[Wow, God talks to me! These shrooms are ace!]

Turning around to face a man that has my heart and soul, but I always push him away from me. Why do I push him away when I need his warmth? It is nothing new to us. Hiding behind our masks to protect ourselves from betrayal and hurt, I turn back around to stare at the night sky that has my forsaken soul. He always come to me and watch me from afar, but I do not let him any where near this broken heart. The warm tears fall down my face as I fall to my knees from the guilt and pain in me. He embraces me with his strong arms that give me warmth from the coldness of this world. It is lonely in this soul and I wish I could open it up to him, but we are meant to be enemies. Does he not see that? Why does he always come back to me when I push him away? Letting the soft side in me show to his eyes, I speak up in a hoarse voice, "Why? Why do you come to me?"

[Just for your information, there's nothing new or interesting in the paragraph above.]

He answers me while sitting down behind me, "I do not know that answer, my lovely Kira. You are someone I cannot distance myself from."

Smiling at the name he gives me, [You have other, secret identities, too. But of course. Of course.] I reply, "We can never be anything but enemies." That is what I learned so long ago. [And it is what the audience learned, several chapters ago. Why must we go through this again? None of this makes sense and I'm not interested in you in the slightest.] It is our fate to fight against each other. It is my revenge that I cannot allow myself to love him. The sorrow I feel from him is like my own heart aches for his touch and his love. It can never be that. Maybe if Kazutaka lived, then I could have shown more emotion to him. That is not what happened. He is gone and now I have to make it right again. It is my fault that he died. Kazutaka should have lived and everything would have been all right. [Yes, Muraki apparently is Jesus in bizarro!universe.] The revenge runs through my veins like nothing else and the blood a demon is in these veins as well. There is nothing he can do to stop it. Pulling away from his warmth and standing on my own feet, I reply, "The time is short. It will be soon that I carry out my revenge. It is he who will choose."

He stands up and looks to the dark sky as he asks, "What if he chooses against you?"

A question that has haunted my being since I knew what I wanted with this second life. Looking at a small flower that is beginning to grow, I answer with fear in my voice, "I do not know. He is the one I can never fight against. Alone he can destroy my being with his own powers, but knowing he can never do that to me." [What. If you know he can't destroy you, what exactly are you so afraid of? And who the fuck are you talking about, anyway? MAKE. SOME. SENSE.] Shrugging my shoulders, I state, "It will be up to him and that is final."

He replies while pulling me into his arms once again, "You always have someone to come to if you choose to stop this."

Feeling him disappear from the site of this mortal world, I think, "Your kindness to me will get you destroy one of these days." [When she no longer needs this nameless, featureless guy, probably.] The time is soon. For the power of revenge is growing and my blood is boiling for the pain of those around me. [*weeps* Do I have to make a tee-shirt of it to make you stop repeating it?] Does he not see that I will betray him? Does he not know I love him and hate myself for betraying his trust?

Oriya's voice rings out, "I thought I would find you here, Kira?" [After all, you often like to wander in my Cherry Blossom Garden of Incomprehensible Prattle.]

Answering him, I stare at the flower that looks so beautiful among the darkness, [Nice and radioactive, the way it glows in the dark. By the way, Uncle Oriya, why do you bury nuclear waste in your garden? Isn't that against the law or something?] "I guess I come back to where I was killed." The immortals helped in my death and for that is the reason for my war. [Okay. And now the same in an Earth language?] It is time to end the life of one who cannot break free. Turning around to face my uncle, I ask with sadness in my voice, "Why are you looking for me?"

He shrugs his shoulders while answering, "Just making sure you are all right. [I have this overpowering need to take care of you all the time. I wonder what that is all about?]"

Smiling at him, I think, "You always did that. [In the past he apparently lied about to everyone.]" It is his pain I can feel as well. [You want me to tell you where you can shove your obsession with pain?] So, he did love Kazutaka has much as my mother did. How sad for everyone to be in pain because of one death. It amazes me how one can change so many lives without knowing it. I whisper, "He showed me understanding that no one could give me. [Nobody could possibly understand me, except this hot, gay psychopath from a shoujo manga. Oops, is my Sueness showing?] He never feared what was running through my blood. The demon blood is the same as his. Can you tell me why Kazutaka had to die when so many changed because of him? [Yes. Because you didn't use your awesome Sue powers to save him.] He showed me that nothing was wrong with me. [Funny, he also did the same to Tsuzuki and totally fucked up his life and relationship.] Is this how he felt when he desired revenge so much? [OHMIGOD I'M EXACTLY LIKE MURAKI! Only I can relate to him and understaaaand him! Oh no, this is not the author's wish fulfillment fantasy, uh uh, no way.] " Asking questions that Oriya will never have the answer to. It is my own pain that I feel now and I push everyone away. I never knew how to deal with my own emotions when I felt everyone else's.

He looks at the sky and answers, "I can't answer those questions, [Thank you for that answer, Oriya, Mr. Answering Man.] but I understand what you mean." He takes a deep breath before speaking again, "I'm heading back. Are you coming?"

Sitting on the cold ground and leaning my back against the tree, I reply, "I will in a little bit. I have some thinking to do and this place has always given me the answers I seek." He only smiles at me and walks away. Oriya will never question me. [Perfectly trained slave as he is. Eeeexcellent.]

Tatsumi's POV:

Walking into my office, I think, "I cannot believe Tsuzuki is a father, but it makes sense with that girl. She has his eyes." [Oh, yeah. The EYES were my first thought, too.] Who could this girl be? What does she want with this place? There are more questions that need to be answer, but I know for a fact that I will never get those answers. [See? I told you Tatsumi was smart. He realises the hopelessness of his situation.] Looking at the clock to see it is one in the morning, I whisper, "There is nothing for me to go home to." Was there ever anything back there in the first place? Hearing a soft knock on the door, I reply, "Come in." Seeing blonde hair peeking inside, I ask, "What is it, Watari? [And why have you become Cousin Itt?]"

He walks in and shuts the door before answering, "I came to make sure a friend is all right."

Smiling at him, I think, "He must have questions about that girl has well." Watching him take a seat in front of my desk, I ask, "What is on your mind, Watari?"

He looks at me and replies, "I have been wondering about that girl. You said that her name was Ketessa. [Aaagh! She's gone! You don't have to keep bringing her up all the time! She'll pop up again soon anyway!] "

Nodding my head to him as I take a seat behind my desk, I explain, "That was the name she gave me, but I have a feeling that is not her real name." Watari is thinking about this information. We better be careful about this because I have a feeling that this girl can end our lives if she so desires. [And naturally Tsuzuki won't try to stop her daughter from murdering his friends. If the Sue desires it, she'll get her way. Sorry guys!]

He tilts his head to the side and explains, "I did some research on the name Ketessa."

Raising my eyebrow at him, I ask, "And?"

He puts his chin on his hands while his elbows leaning on my desk, he answers, "Well, she was a great demon with powers be on anyone could compare to, [I miss English. It was such a nifty language, too. But I'm afraid Moonish it is until the end of this horrid fic.] but she was destroyed thousands of years ago by a descendant of darkness. It was a myth that she would be reborn into a human life, but have the blood of one who is a descendant of darkness." [Okay, please specify: what exactly is a descendant of darkness? Because I always thought the name referred to shinigami, seeing as they're the main characters.] He takes a breath before speaking, "Well, she would need two descendants of darkness to gain her true strength back. They believed that one of them would do so willingly without question because he or she would be her parent. [I'm impressed, but where did Watari find all this information? The Mary Sue wing of the afterlife library?]"

Putting all this information into my mind [and labelling it accordingly], I reply, "So, they think Tsuzuki will do it without question." Watari nods to me and I think, "But why did she tell him to remember his loyalty." Sensing a power of someone in the room, I ask in a cold voice, "Who is there?" Raising my hands to have my shadows attack at will if I need to use them.

A girl's voice replies while stepping out of a corner, "There is no need for that, Mr. Tatsumi." [FUCK YES THERE IS. Sic the shadows on her, Tatsumi! You might be able to surprise her!] She looks at Watari and replies, "So, that is what the demons think I will do." [Get thee OUT, Sue. I almost liked this scene. Watari and Tatsumi acted like their canonical selves, and they even used their brains. Why must you teleport into every scene and turn it into a pile of shit?]

Relaxing a bit, I ask, "Is it not what you want, Miss Ketessa?"

She tilts her head to the side and grins at me before answering, "Well, I do, but not if my father will feel more pain for betraying his friends that became his family. I had a child hood that was almost the same has his [Hmm, what a coincidence! It's almost like my creator has no imagination of her own, isn't it?] and I know what it feels like to have others replace your family because they show you the answer of life."

Leaning against the chair, I think, "It is her sad eyes that reminded me of Tsuzuki." [And enough about her eyes!] Taking a deep breath, I ask, "Why are you here, Miss Ketessa?"

She shrugs her shoulders while replying, "I was bored [I hate you.] and wanted to know what my true past was like. I guess that is why I am here. [...WHAT THE HELL. You're omnipotent, but you can't read or remember your own past?] Or maybe it is because I want to know what my father sees in this place. The place that took his daughter's life."

This place took her life, but why? She is just a young girl who wanted life. [That is so stupid I shouldn't even comment, but I will anyway. Tatsumi, Enma-chou was founded so that the restless dead could find their way to the underworld. Most of those dead folks want to live and won't accept they're dead. That's where you step in. Now that I've reminded you of your job, can we move on?] Leaning my chin against my hands while resting my elbows against my desk, I ask, "Will you end this place?" [Oh, just casually chit-chatting here.]

She walks to the window and looks out of it while answering, [Where's the cigarette? At this point of the copy-pasted scene, she's supposed to light a cigarette.] "It would be selfish of me to end a place that gives people second chances at life. [Selfish? Of you? Do you honestly even know that word?] I might feel the revenge and need to end this place, but I made a deal with Lord Emna." [No, she didn't. She just blackmailed him. There's nothing stopping her from laying waste to the entire underworld and thus freeing all the dead souls there. The world could become a chaotic ghost circus, but hey, don't worry, she doesn't feel like doing it. Yet.] She takes a deep breath and replies, "As long as it happens, I will stand down from war." [What? Are you sure you're not some kind of a chaos god?]

Watching her disappear from our eyes, [Well, that was abrupt, but still, thank fuck.] I look over at Watari and ask, "What do you think?"

He answers with a wink, "I think we should trust her. [No, Watari. THINK. Think about what she just said. She's threatening to destroy your world on a whim.] She does remind me of Tsuzuki and Tsuzuki has never betrayed us." [You know, what I said about brain activity in this scene? Forget it.]

Nodding my head to agree with him, I think, "Even if he did decide to go against this place, I would join his side." [Now hold on a second! What is wrong with Lord Enma's underworld? Why does the author want to destroy it so badly? Does she just want the characters to rebel against something, even if it makes no sense? With the Mary Sues leading the rebellion, of course.] It is not the love I feel for him but because he is my friend and a loyal one at that. [With friends like that, who needs enemies?] He is my family and I will protect that no matter what. I wonder what Watari would decide. [If all his friends turned against their bosses and decided to destroy their home world? Gee, let's find out!]

Watari breaks the silence, "But you know. I would take Tsuzuki's side if he decided against this place. [I do seem to be repeating your thoughts aloud lately, don't I? Must be the author in my head.] He has always been there for me and he is like a brother I have to look out for. I am sure bon would do the same thing."

Well, I guess that answers the question I was ready to ask. [Cloned brains! That's it! We must have cloned brains to constantly think the same things, word-by-word!] Smiling at him, I resort, "I believe many people in this department would take Tsuzuki's side. Without him it is not the same. [Yeah, let's all rise against Lord Enma, just for our loyalty to a pie-obsessed half-demon slacker. I mean, I like Tsuzuki, believe it or not, but I don't think the entire world should change according to his whims!] Well, I guess we will have to see what will happens." [Lots of bad English will happens. Count on it.] Watari nods his head and stands up.

To be continued in the second part as usual.

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