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The Seven-Year-Old Sue and Her Speshul Yaoi Sense

We have reached the third chapter of Two of a Kind, the Yami no Matsuei fic set in bizarro land where psychos are woobies, all verbs end with -ing, Mary Sues run rampant and everything is either cold or sad or both.

And we get to hear even more of Kira Sue's tragic past! Hooray!

Two of a Kind: Ketessa? [The question mark is right. Who is Ketessa? That sounds like a D & D character. Maybe the cleric of the group, the half-elf who doesn't like violence and fondles woodland critters.] ( Chapter 3 ) ( Y - Young Adult: Not suitable for readers under 16 )
Anime/Manga: Yami No Matsuei
Genre(s): Hentai / Romance / Drama | Type: Yaoi
Author: Sueona
Uploaded On: October 02, 2006 03:32 CDT
Pages: 6 | Words: 9470 | Size: 46 KB | Visits: 37 | Status: Work In Progress [I've yet to detect any work put into this travesty.]
Mostly angst from Tsuzuki and Kira. [Wait, wasn't that the last chapter?] New hope is found by a mysterious young girl. [And promptly added to her Original Trilogy DVD collection.] What is this going to do for Tsuzuki and Kira? [The only characters we care about, apparently, since they're the only ones mentioned in the summaries.]

Disclaimer: I do not own any characters of Yami No Matsuei. I wish I did, but if I did I would not being writing fanfiction.
Warning: Bad language and a lot angst from Tsuzuki and Kira. [Yeah, thanks; you're just a little late. Kira is made of sadness and sass, and I would've appreciated a warning before I read the last chapter.]
Summary: It has been two years after Kyoto and Muraki appears once again. Muraki and Tsuzuki both have changed since then and are learning from their past mistakes. What does that mean for those two? A young girl comes into the picture and asks for help. Who is this girl and what does she want from Muraki and Tsuzuki?
Notes: This is my third chapter to Two of a Kind. Thanks for your reviews. In this chapter there will be more revealed about Kira, the mysterious girl who just appeared out of no where. [Damn skippy she appeared out of nowhere. Coincidentally, last chapter was also all about Kira. I wonder what the next chapter could be about? I'm on pins and needles!]

Chapter Three: Ketessa?

Oriya's POV:

Waking up on the ground, I remember that a soldier attacked us. [I know it was a soldier because he wore the official Army of Sadness tee-shirt.] I look at my lover who is on the ground [Strangely, neither of us has yet learnt to levitate, although we've followed all the instructions in the book our Swami gave us.] looking at Tsuzuki with sadness in his eyes. Standing up, I ask, "What happened?" No one answers [because the scene was so chaotic that no one, the author and the readers included, has a clue what happened. There's a lone elephant sitting in a cherry tree and some bunnies in marching band costumes getting drunk in the corner. Purple-eyed pigs fly over our heads.] and I notice Kazutaka on the ground with blood on his body. Oh, no. Please don't tell me he stepped in the way. [He used to be so scheming and clever, a master of manipulations, and this is just a dumb way for him to die. They're tut-tutting and shaking their heads at Evil Characters Inc.]

Mr. Tatsumi speaks up, "Tsuzuki, we have to report this." [To whom? Well, the police might want to know that the dangerous serial killer has finally joined the choir invisible...]

Tsuzuki responds, "They won't do a damn thing about it. [WHO?] They won't care about Kazutaka." [Oh, pooooor little psycho. What on earth did he do to deserve such a cruel fate? He's dead, dead, dead and no one mourns for him. Except everyone present, of course.]

Seeing the tears roll down his face, I reply, [CABS have pointed out a fanfic faux pas known as "Fear of Said". This ficcer has clearly moved beyond fear and straight on to ABJECT HORROR.] "If they don't, then they will pay for it." [Squeeze out some sympathy for the psychopath or say hello to Mr. Katana!] Everyone looks at me including Tsuzuki. [Normally I don't include non-persons like Tsuzuki when I say "everyone", so I thought I'd mention it.] I had enough of this going on. First it was my niece, and now my best friend is gone because of them. [Well, your niece came back from the dead and refuses to leave, so maybe Muraki has a fighting chance, too, hmm?]

Kira resorts with anger in her voice, "They will pay no matter what." [And what did you do when all this was going on, Miss Omnipotentpants? You even knew Carton was a baddie, and could've probably removed his head with a feather.]

Mr. Keyis looks at her and asks, "Is that wise? I mean . . . " [Oh, it'll be fine. She'll just add it to her list of personal vendettas. She's probably close to reaching an even hundred.]

She cuts him off with tears in her eyes, "I do not think you understand, Keyis, [for no one could possibly understand my great sadness and sassness. I'm a Mary Sue, and my pain is ALWAYS more meaningful than anyone else's!] Kazutaka was like a father to me. [...Oh? Funny, then, that he didn't know who you were in the last chapter.] He forgot about me because of Saki. [Oh, but of course. You had your meaningful and speshul relationship with the canonical character in the seekrit past that he's since forgotten; how handy. And Oriya magically forgot too, I suppose? And what about her parents, since Muraki knew them, apparently?] Do you see what they have done? They went after my family." [Can't you see it's all about ME?]

It is hard to believe that the others feel pain for Kazutaka's death, but I guess it is because of their friend's pain. He looks like he is out of it. [And has been since the beginning of this fic.] Speaking up while I walk to Hiso, [who has an actual name and likes to be called by it, not by some cutesy and forced abbreviation] "I will handle everything for his funeral."

Tsuzuki asks, "Can I come?" [Nah. It'll be more angsty if you can't. You should weep alone in your dark, cold room, perhaps quoting My Immortal as you gaze out of the window at the rainy night. Maybe the Sue could also be there to console you.]

Looking over at him, I respond, "You may stay here as long as you wish and attend. You were his lover and I will respect Muraki's wishes." Tsuzuki nods to me and one of my girls walk out with fear in their eyes from the scene she sees. [Boy, this should be interesting to explain to the employees!] I reply, "Do not tell anyone else about this and call Qu for me." [Who's Qu? Oh, stock character number three, another Japanese guy who doesn't have a Japanese name. Okay.] She nods and walks back inside. Walking to Tsuzuki and putting my hand on his shoulder, I resort, [I really, really wish we could have one "said" in this fic. It would warm my heart so.] "I am sorry, Tsuzuki. I really am. He loved you with his entire heart. [Admittedly, it was less of a heart and more of a small lump of cold, manipulative Play-Doh, but still.] He told me once that he wished he realized back then that he was in love with you, [Muraki has stalked Tsuzuki from the start. He has never been nonchalant towards him. If said stalkery is now romance, then he's realised his feelings very early on. Author, you can confess it now: you've never watched or read Yami no Matsuei, have you?] then he would have stopped what he was doing sooner. [Bull-fucking-shit. There's just no way you could ever sell that to me.]" Tsuzuki looks at me with a false smile and hugs me. [I appreciate his insincere feelings. It's so gratifying to be nice to Ice Princesses.] It is hard for me to comfort a man whom I once hated because of Kazutaka [Wha?] and because he slept with my lover. [Then again, everyone's slept with everyone's donkey in this fic and the Gushoushin have recorded it and sold the tapes, so it doesn't really matter.] Looking over everyone else, I resort, "You may stay but do not think I will be hospitality to you." [I will only be a noun to my closest friends.] [Oh, and he's apparently including Hisoka in this group. Bit cold for a boyfriend, isn't he?] Mr. Keyis only nods to me and walks inside.

Katrina [apparently the only employee worth a name] walks out with the wireless phone and replies, "Mr. Qu is on the phone, Master Oriya."

Taking the phone, I resort to Katrina, "Thank you." She nods and walks inside with tears in her eyes. I forgot how the girls enjoyed Kazutaka's visits. Speaking to Qu while I lean against the wall, "Qu, I need a favor."

He responds, "I figured that much. [We stock characters are usually called in when the canonical characters need favours.] What is it?"

Watching my lover taking Tsuzuki into his arms, I ask, "Will you cover up a murder from the authorities for me?" Knowing full well that Qu will do it or I will reveal his little secrets. He does not wish that. It will ruin his image.

Qu replies, "Yes. Who's [WHOSE. It's so easy to get right.] murder?"

Looking over at my friend's body, I answer, "Kazutaka Muraki." Qu grasps at the name. He also knows that I have covered up his murders. [You'd think this Qu has more blackmail material on Oriya at this point than vice versa.] Of course he will be surprise of his death. It is so hard for me right now. How can I do this? [You seem to be coping fine, really. In fact, I'm astonished by your smart and logical behaviour, considering the fic you're in.] He was my best friend. I will not let anyone but Hiso see my pain behind these eyes.

Qu explains, "Of course, I will. I do wonder how that man could be killed, but I understand you will not reveal any details. Do you need anything else, Oriya?"

Seeing Kira walk inside, I answer, "Yes. I need things taken care of for his funeral."

Qu replies, "Done. Good-bye, Oriya. I am sorry for your loss. [You blackmailing shithead. Oops, did I say that out loud?]"

Hanging up the phone, I explain, "Everything will be taken care of. Tsuzuki, why don't you go inside and rest for a while." He nods to me and Hiso helps him up to take him inside. I will say nothing about this. If anyone can help Tsuzuki, it will be Hiso and I will not get in the way of that. [I could weep out of canon-loving joy.] Muraki would hurt me if I let anything happen to his lover. [Come to think of it, he was kind of a shitty friend in the way he emotionally blackmailed me. Oh, I mean, boy, he sure was a romantic!]

Mr. Watari mumbles, "We may not have liked Muraki, but we are sorry." [One golden star for canonical characterisation, even though I'm a bit confused by the royal "we".]

Lighting up a cigarette, [It seems everyone and their uncle is smoking cigarettes in this fic. Hey, Oriya, you have a pipe. You know, the one you practically never take out of your mouth?] I reply, "I know you are sorry because it hurt your friend, but I give you may word that Mr. Carton will pay for what he did."

Mr. Tatsumi responds, "I will make sure of it personality, Mr. Oriya." [PERSONALLY. Author, please, read through what you've written before you post it.]

Sure he will. The death of Kazutaka hurt his love. Watching them walk inside to check on their friend, I whisper, "Oh, Kazu. [KAZU? Y'know, I've run into this phenomenon before, in the Inuyasha fandom. Because it's obviously exhausting to write out the complete names of the main characters, Kagome becomes Kag and Miroku becomes Miro. It's jarring and I really didn't want to see it spread to other fandoms.] How could you? It would have done nothing to Hiso." Maybe it would have harmed him. Kazutaka would not end his own life if Hiso could heal after being stabbed. [I should fucking think not, but this fic never seems to hesitate to take the leap when it comes to bad characterisation.] Walking to my friend's body, I mumble while tears roll down my face, "Oh, Kazu. You did not deserve this." [I agree it's not exactly a fitting death, but still. You of all people should know what kind of horrible things your friend has done.]

Kira's POV: [Oh, wonderful. I was so missing her incomprehensible ramblings.]

Throwing a glass at my bedroom wall, I mumble in anger, "You will pay for taking his life. I swear it." How could this happen? [Well, first you let Carton get close and didn't bother to keep an eye on him, even though you knew he was made of pure evil. Then you decided to just stare when he finally snapped and attacked Hisoka, not bothering to use your super-duper Sue skills in any way. I guess that's pretty much how it happened; did I miss anything?] Kazutaka must have sensed the power that was in that sword. The power of Icona, which holds the power to end an immortal's life. Sitting on my bed, I think, ["Icona" may be the dumbest name for a baddie's weapon I've ever heard. Is it longer than Sephiroth's, do you think?] "How could Carton gain a weapon with the power of Icona?" [Oh, so it wasn't Icona, it just had its power? Sure, whatever you say.] It is time to figure out what is going on [Yes, please!] and how many traitors are inside. This will not be easy. It is my fault. I should have known. [Once again, ALL ABOUT ME! ME ME ME!]

*Flashback* [No. Please. I'm begging you. No more LSD trips of sadness!]

It was a cold winter day when I walk to his house [in the wrong tense and generally confused] with my mother. Walking inside with my mother, I ask, "Who are we meeting, mother?" [Did you get it yet? This is the Sue's mother. MOTHER.] This is the first time I am going to meet any of my mother's friends. [Oh, she kept you in the box you arrived in?] A tall man with platinum blonde hair and he wears white from his head to his feet [In other words, a proud KKK member] walk down the stairs. He is beautiful [and a proud Aryan] and I can sense a warm personality in him. Is he the one who has my mother's heart? Feeling his pain as well, [Of course. Only people in pain matter.] I think, "He had a horrible child hood. He is like me." Could he help me get past my pain? Will he help me? [Yes, the best way to deal with a traumatic childhood is to count on the help of Mommy's pretty "friend" who Mommy has so far done her best to keep away from you. Sounds smart and healthy to me.] He seems nice enough to help out with anything. He must care dearly for the people who are close to him. [He must, since the Sue says so!] I hope I can be one of those people.

He asks with a surprise look on his face, "Cease, what are you doing here?"

[Stop the bus. Cease is the Sue's mother? All this time, I was under the impression that Cease was her father. It's not really the most feminine of names, which was pretty much all I knew about this mysterious character. She's been mentioned a dozen times and she's obviously important to the Sue and thus, to the plot, but I still couldn't figure out until now who exactly she was. THAT'S HOW CLEAR THE FIC HAS BEEN SO FAR.

Well, at least this means that Oriya isn't in incestuous love with his brother.]

He looks at me and asks, "Who is this young beautiful girl?" [Her Sueness intrigues me!]

Mother replies, "Sorry to bother you, Kazutaka, [*spurts tea out of her nose* It's Muraki? He's not "platinum blonde", he has grey hair, and he certainly doesn't have a "warm personality". That's his bedside manner, yes, but isn't the Sue supposed to be psychic?] but I need a favor." She points to me and explains, "This is my daughter, Kira."

Bowing my head, I mumble, "A pleasure of meeting you, Mr. Kazutaka." He smiles at me [finding my awkward grasp of my native tongue strangely endearing] and I know we will get along. I wish mother did not have to leave for a while. It makes me sad that I will be left behind, but I understand she has to travel and it is too hard for her to take me with her. She would not be around to watch me every second anyways.

Kazutaka asks, "What kind of favor do you need, Cease?"

She answers with a soft voice, "I have to go on a business trip and I was wondering if you could take Kira in for a couple of weeks." [You, person I've seen fit never to introduce to my child before, must be the best babysitter ever. Here, have my firstborn. Just put her in a cupboard somewhere and throw her a biscuit every now and then.]

He looks at her and resorts in a silk voice, "Of course. I am sure she will be fine here." [I will turn her into a nice stew and knit a sweater of her hair.]

My mother kisses my forehead as she whispers, "Now, you be good for Kazutaka."

Nodding my head, I answer, "Of course." She walks out of the house. I look at the man whom I will be living with for a couple of weeks. [She grasps the obvious really well, don't you think?] He seems nice. Usually I feel scared with everyone else, but I do not with him. Why is that? [Psychos are usually good at deceiving people.] He is the one whom my mother trusts with her life. There is something else that draws me to him. [It could be the fact that he's a major canonical character.] Wondering this as I watch every move he makes. Feeling his heart belongs to someone else, [How old is the Sue in this flashback? Because this is getting creepy now.] I wonder with amazement, "He loves another man." [My yaoi sense tells me so!]

Kazutaka asks, "How old are you, Kira?"

Responding to him while I look at my feet, "I just turned seven." [CREEPY CREEPY CREEPY.] He lifts my chin up to look at him and he smiles at me. I notice he is looking at my eyes. He must know who my father is. I can sense he is surprise [SURPRISED. I don't think I've seen this word written correctly ONCE in this fic.] by my eye color, but he is not afraid of it. I am glad. [Finally, someone who isn't afraid of strangely-coloured eyes. I was starting to think everyone in the world was a complete pussy.] Everyone else says mean things to me. It hurts but mother told me that I should ignore them. It makes no difference by my eye color. [This angst was much more appealing when it still belonged to Tsuzuki. I don't approve of the Sue just snatching his angsty past like that.] I whisper, "I am glad you are not scared of me."

He is taken back by my comment as he asks with concern in his voice, "Why would I be?"

Answering him while I look past him, "Others think they are unnatural. [Said the SEVEN-YEAR-OLD.] They hate me. I can feel their emotions." Why did I tell him that? I have never told my mother that. He must have some kind of power to have me to tell the truth. I only have told lies when people asked how I could know how the feel.

*Flashback Ends*

That was the first time I met him. [Really? Thanks for telling me that. I have the brain of a tropical fish, so I appreciate the pointers.] Why did he not remember? What did Saki do to him? His revenge was to Saki, the man who murdered my mother and I. [...Yeah. Of course the Sue was killed by a canonical character, who also happens to be the main baddie of this fic. Why did I expect anything different?] It has been too long. The pain I felt in him was so great. It seems that everyone close to me is killed for knowing me. [Strange how everything in the universe seems to revolve around me!] It is now or never. It is time for revenge. I hear a knock at my door as I reply, "Come in." Mr. Tatsumi walks in and bows his head to me. Wondering while I stand up, "What does he want?" He looks at the glass on the floor and I ask, "What?"

He answers while looking past me, "I want to help you." [Nooo! Resist her Sue powers, Tatsumi! Resist!]

He wants to help me. How does he think he will help me? Will he betray a place that he owes his life to? [God, I hope not. I'm very afraid now.] Walking to the window and looking out of it, I ask, "Are you willing to betray the place you work for, Mr. Tatsumi?"

He replies without hesitation, "Yes." [Tatsumi is borderline FANATICAL when it comes to his work. He lives for it. And now he's willing to put it on the line for some rude girl he only just met. Sweet Raptor Jesus, I hate Mary Sues.]

Mr. Tatsumi is a fool. [At this point, I'd pay money to get a scene where someone slaps her smug face.] He will be killed the moment they learn he works for me. Turning around to face him, I explain, "You will die and bring more pain to Asato." He stares at me with confusion written in his eyes. [That's it, Tatsumi! Fight!] Grabbing my cigarettes off the night stand and lighting one up, I explain, [Is this scene intentionally an exact replica of the scene where the Sue was a complete bitch to Keyis?] "He does care for you even if he does not love you. It will hurt him the most and I cannot allow that." No, I will not bring any more pain to him. Him who can bring me freedom. The person who is more than he will ever know. I could tell him the truth, but I can never find the right words. It is time to call in a favor. [Oh hello, non sequitur.]

Mr. Tatsumi responds, "He will go into a depression and he might go after them, himself. [Them, them who? I thought only Carton was there.] I will let no harm come to him."

So, he does care dearly for Asato. Does he even realize that his heart belongs to someone else? I guess not or he would not think he is in love with Asato. [Oh, sure. The Sue knows Tatsumi better than he knows himself. ARRRRR. HATE.] Things happen for a reason. [And another non sequitur, just to keep the readers nice and frustrated.] Exhaling the smoke from my mouth, I resort in a cold voice, "I do not need your help, Mr. Tatsumi. [For I am Über-Bitch, the leader of Ice Princesses. With my tragic sadness, I control the world, which of course revolves around me.] Do as you please, but stay out of my way." He will only get in my way. I will not allow that. Mr. Tatsumi cannot see what is in front of him. Mr. Watari walks in and bows his head to me. [NO! Save yourself, Watari! You almost act like you do in canon! Don't let the Sue screw it up!] Now, this is interesting. I ask, "What is it that you want, Mr. Watari?"

He looks at me then at Mr. Tatsumi before he answers, "I know you two are planning something and I want in." [Why would he even go to the Sue? Surely he would say this to Tatsumi, not to the brat he only just met.]

Sensing both of these men want revenge for the loss they see in their friend's eyes, I mumble, "Get the hell out of here! Believe me when I say this, you will die. Everyone who gets involve with me dies." I have learned that the hard way. No one can stay alive with me around. [Then why don't you remove yourself from this fic as soon as possible? Trust me, we'll all be much happier.] That is my curse and my hell. Watching the two of them leave without questioning me, I think, "You are better off." It hurts so much. [NO FUCKING SYMPATHY.] Asato, please free me from this curse, the curse we share. It is the only way for us to be free. Speaking out loud as I look out the window with tears rolling down my face, "I am sorry, Asato. I should have protected Kazutaka." [Yes, you should've. With your Sue powers, it should've been a piece of cake.]

A male's voice rings through my ears, "It is not your fault. Please don't blame yourself."

Turning around to face sadness in purple eyes, [*twitch*] I explain, "But it is my fault." Putting out my cigarette, I reply, "I should have known that Carton had the power to kill an immortal. I sensed he worked for Saki. [Yet didn't inform anyone, or warn anyone, or pretty much do anything. Nicely fucked up.] I should . . . " My words are stopped by the sobs that come out of my throat. Why is it that I can show my emotions to this man? He is the same as Kazutaka. [A major canonical character the author probably has an embarrassing crush on?] Feeling warm arms embracing me, I whisper into his chest, "How can you forgive someone who . . . "

He cuts me short, "Don't blame yourself. [Okay, it is in character for Tsuzuki to act like this, but still. His lover is dead and he's hugging and consoling KIRA?] It was Carton who killed Kazutaka."

Sensing the pain in his words, but also revenge, I ask, "What will you do if you see Carton again?" He does not answer my question, but I sense that he will end Carton's life if he ever sees him again. [Wow, I sure didn't expect that at all, given his current mental state!] The pain in Asato's soul is so great. There are memories that he wishes to forget and there are some that he has forgotton. [And most of them have something to do with the English language. Oh, that's just the author, sorry.] It is time. I have no choice. Please forgive me, Lord Emna. It is I, who will turn my back on you. It is I who will declare an all out war. [Lord ENMA is the ruler of the dead and the underworld. I doubt he cares about your personal vendettas, to be honest.]

Hisoka's POV:

The pain I felt within Tsuzuki was so over whelming. [Déjà vu.] He left me alone so I can recover my sanity. Why did he save my life? [Tsuzuki? Oh, you're speaking of Muraki now.] I sensed that power within that sword. He should have not saved my life. It would have not brought this much pain to Tsuzuki. [Oh no. Don't you start harbouring suicidal thoughts, too. Stay strong, Hisoka! Your never-say-die attitude made you one of my favourite characters!] He should have been thinking that instead of my welfare. Feeling strong arms wrap around my waist, I whisper, "I am sorry. It is my fault."

Oriya responds while leaning his head against my shoulder, "It was not your fault. Kazu always did reckless things in his life." [Oriya deserves two golden stars of good characterisation for that, even if the author can't be arsed to write Muraki's whole first name.]

Turning around to face my lover [HAY EVRYBODY I STIL HAS BOIFREND], I mumble, "If I was stronger, then he would have not had to do what he did." He did it because I was weak. I am nothing but trouble for people around me.

Oriya holds me tighter as he replies, "But everyone was in the same state you were." [Paralysed and confused, thanks to the author.] He takes a deep breath before he speaks with sadness in his voice, "Kazu did something that he thought would be right. He did it . . . "

Looking up to see my lover has tears in his eyes, I wipe them away. Oriya loved and cared for Muraki. No one would notice how messed up he is inside. He's pride shows no one what he feels inside. I have only been the second person who saw it. He told me once that the only other person whom he showed his emotions to was Muraki. It must be hard for him right now. Hearing foot steps [It's ONE WORD.], I watch as Oriya wipes away his tears. We both look to see Tsuzuki standing there with his head down. [He has simply headbutted the door in.] I can still feel his pain but it is more revenge and hatred now. It is sad that he lost someone that he has been looking for all his life and afterlife.

Tsuzuki responds with concern in his voice, "Kira is going back." [Back where? To the evil black pit she came from?]

Oriya speaks, "I guess she has things to do."

Tsuzuki looks up at him and asks, "Are you worried about her?"

Oriya gives a sad smile as he answers, "Yes, I'm worried, but she is too much like Kazu to even try to talk sense into her."

Mr. Keyis speaks up, "That is right. [Oh, he's there, is he?] If I know Kira, then she will try everything in her power to make things right again." [Or she'll just obsessively seek revenge, like she told me she would. But I'm stupid, I guess!]

Tsuzuki gives him a sad look [ARGH! I get it! They're all saddety-sad-saddertons!] as he replies in a cold voice, "Nothing can be the same."

I am ready to say something but Oriya touches my shoulder and shakes his head. It is hard for me to stand here to listen to Tsuzuki unemotion voice. Does anyone else hear it? [I can't. I'm stuck with the canonical Tsuzuki, and I prefer it that way.] It seems Mr. Keyis has heard the bitterness.

Mr. Keyis resorts, "You are right, but that is Kira. Kira is much like you, Mr. Tsuzuki. [And Muraki! And her mother! And this shrubbery here!] She showed you her true emotions, right? [Keyis seems to be spying on everybody. I thought he was supposed to be the good cop.] She only showed that to Muraki, himself, when he raised her for a while." [Looking after a kid for two weeks can hardly be called "raising her", especially since she never saw him before that or afterwards, as far as we know.]

Watching Tsuzuki walk away with pain in his heart and revenge in his mind, I speak, "You should have not said that to him." Oriya looks at me confuse and I explain, "Tsuzuki is hurt. It is a deep pain of loss for losing Muraki, but there is also revenge. [MY GOD, WHAT A REVELATION.] What Mr. Keyis just said to him is making him think about revenge even more."

Mr. Keyis responds, "He deserves his revenge. So does Kira. They both lost someone who is close to their hearts. Kira is cold and bitter. [And annoying as well.] No one can get through her, but maybe Tsuzuki can. [Oh, I wish something would get through her. Preferrably something sharp, metallic and poisonous.]"

Watching Mr. Keyis walk away [to spy on Tsuzuki some more], I ask my lover in a low voice, "Do you think it is okay to let him do this?"

Oriya answers, "I want revenge as well. I am sure if we work together then everyone will be fine." [Yyyeeeaahh.]

Tsuzuki's POV:

The funeral will be the day after tomorrow and I will attend it. After that, I will head back and act like nothing has happened. How do they accept [EXPECT] me to do that? Soka is the only one who refuses to believe I will be fine. [Everyone else has got a trendy lobotomy and is now smiling pleasantly round the clock.] I hate being so emotional around him. My emotions can drive him into insanity and I will never forgive myself for that. [Uh, yeah. Last I checked, Hisoka wasn't that much of a fragile flower, and wouldn't you need to touch him to really affect him? It didn't kill Hisoka or drive him insane when Muraki forced him to remember his own rape and death; I'm sure he can survive your angst.] Kazutaka, oh, please come back. Lying in the bed we share for the short time we have been here, [somewhere in the right tense,] I smell his scent. Crying as I resort out loud to the empty room, "I miss you, Kazutaka." It has been like this all my life and afterlife with crying myself to sleep. [If Tsuzuki was actually this kind of a dependent wet blanket, I would never have got through the manga.] Holding Kazutaka's pillow close to my chest, I whisper before sleep takes me over, "I love you, Kazutaka."

The night air is warm with the breeze blowing the leaves around me. [Leaves? Is their guest room in a tree house?] It is a nice night to take a walk and clear my mind. [So I decided to spontaneously teleport outside, just to confuse the readers.] It is hard to believe that this is where I want to be. It is confusing with him. [Hmm, I wonder why that is? It couldn't be because Muraki was simply pulling on your strings all along, could it?] Why do I keep going back to his arms? [I mean, he IS dead. The smell is getting rank now. But the rotting flesh keeps me so wonderfully warm.] Is it for comfort? Maybe he is right about me leaving Tatsumi, but I don't have the guts to tell him that I don't love him anymore. How can I love him at first and then my love disappear for him in a flash? [I don't know, maybe you're in a very bad fanfic or something! And I'm starting to realise we're in a flashback now, or in yet another confusing dream sequence. Joy. The one time I actually could've used one of those "FLASHBACK" stamps, and we don't get it.] No, it is not that. I do love him but more of a friend than a lover. What should I do? Should I tell him that it is over? Should I even tell him that I have been going to someone else? Not seeing anything in front of me [because the author can't describe her way out of a paper bag] as I think, "What have you done to me?" Falling over as I run into someone, I reply, "Sorry." [Falling over? Just how fast was he going?]

His silk voice answers, "It is all right. Are you okay, Mr. Tsuzuki?"

Looking up at his silver and blue eyes, [You can actually describe other things than people's eye colour. I know it's shocking, but give it some time to sink in, will you, ficcer? Do it for me.] I stutter, "Ye . . . s I'm . . . I'm fi . . . ne." [Damn speech impediment! I forgot to take my medication before having this dream/flashback!] He helps me to my feet and I think to myself, "Of course, I would run into the man I have been thinking about all night long." He tilts his head to the side and looks at me with concern in his eyes. I keep asking him how he can love a demon like me, [Oh, whine, whine, whine. This was believable angst in canon. It's annoying whining in this fic.] but I receive the same answer. Are we really that alike, Muraki? Are we meant to be like this for the rest of our lives? It must be lonely for you. [Yeah, well, being a serial killer just isn't a very social hobby. Unless you form your own cult or something, of course. Say, Muraki, have you ever met Mr. Manson?] You had nothing and suffered in your child hood. [He's impossibly powerful, wealthy, has friends in high places who pretty much enable him to do anything he likes without getting caught, and he's a doctor, too. Oh yeah, and Tsuzuki's arse heart belongs to him, it seems. Poor, poor Muraki. What a bad hand he's been dealt in life.]

He asks with a tilt of fear in his voice, "Would you care to join me for dinner, Mr. Tsuzuki?" [Answer me quickly. I think there's a police officer around that corner. I was a bit sloppy with today's post-breakfast murder.]

Nodding my head because I don't know if my voice would work right now. It has been a week since I saw Muraki. I think, "You must have been hurt to have you say those harsh things to me." Are you trying to say you are sorry? Why should you say that to a man who used you because I couldn't cope with my lover's anger? [Yeah, what on earth could Muraki possibly have to apologise for? And if Tatsumi is angry with you, then he knows you've been cheating on him and the whole scene where you agonise over whether or not you should tell him is pointless.] We walk to a small restaurant. A young male hostess [I try to ignore the huge penis bulge under his dress] smiles at you and I can feel anger rise in myself for the smile you return to him. Why do I feel this way for you, the man who should be my enemy? [Feeling anger towards your enemy? What a strange and foreign concept.] Can you even tell me that? [Oh, I'm sure he'll be delighted to tell you what to think.] We walk to the table and take our seats.

He breaks the silence, "What were you doing out so late, Mr. Tsuzuki?" [And yet, nice restaurants are still open... Well, it was obviously beddie-bye time for widdle shinigami.]

Looking at the table, I reply, "Just thinking about some things."

He replies with concern in his voice, "I see. Is it anything I did?"

Raising my head to stare at him, I answer while shaking my head, "No. You had every right to say what you did a week ago." [*massages own temples* The timeline of this fic is less of a line and more of a doodle.] He gives me a sad smile and look [sensing that I'm going to need them later in this fic] before looking back down at the menu. I do the same and think, "I also need his advise, but why?" [Just because the author sayeth so. No other reason whatsoever.] Putting down the menu, I ask, "May I ask you something, Muraki?"

Muraki looks up at me and replies, "You already asked me a question, but go ahead."

He gives me his full attendance [even calling in his left foot and kidney from Kuwait] and it makes it even harder to ask the question. Taking a couple of deep breaths to calm my nerves, I ask, "What do you see when you look at me?" He gives me a puzzle look, and I explain while I look away from his stare, "I mean do you see someone human or a demon with blood on their hands?" [I realise I've asked this question so many times the readers probably want to kill themselves to escape the repetition and you already answered it in canon, but humour me.]

He leans his chin on his hand and answers in a serious voice, "I see a human who had made mistakes in their life. I also see a man who had it hard as a child for the natural of his eyes that cause insanity to break through him." [I know this fic certainly has that effect.]

[I had to check. According to her YouTube profile, the author is from United States, so I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that her mother tongue is English. Then how can she write things like "the natural of his eyes cause insanity to break through him"?

Oh, and while you're there, check out her Muraki/Tsuzuki fanvids. Most of them are made to Evanescence's music. You just can't make this crap up.]

He pauses to take a breath before speaking again, "I see you, Asato Tsuzuki, a man who needs someone who understands him not only in a human sense but also in a demon sense."

Staring at him, I ask, "What do you mean?" Maybe I shouldn't ask that, but I need to know. He would know more about my blood than I do. [Since he's stalked you for all this time and wants to use you in a sadistic medical experiment - hey, much like his grandfather! But don't let that get in the way of your beautiful love.] No one will tell me the truth. I want to remember but at the same time don't want to. Could Muraki help me if I remembered everything? [Why don't you ask Hisoka that, hmm?]

He answers, "I am not trying to hurt you by saying anything that will upset you. Maybe another time, Mr. Tsuzuki."

Quickly, I respond, "No. I need to know now. Please, Muraki. I know it might hurt me, but I need to know."

He gives me a strange look before he answers, "Very well. You are half-demon, my dear Mr. Tsuzuki. Just like I am. [It would certainly explain a lot.] Do not ask how that is possible. [You know how having to EXPLAIN or DESCRIBE things hurts the poor widdle author.] For even I do not understand that part, but we both share demon blood. It is our demon blood that drives us to insanity. [Because all psychos are this self-aware.] I believe it is what caused you to lose your mind before you ended your life [Never mind my grandfather's sadistic experiments on you!] and for me I have no excuse. For I was driven by revenge and that alone."

He gives me a sad look that I want to comfort him as he has done for me, [How exactly is confirming that the thing you dread the most is true "comforting"?] but there is a look in his eyes that tells me to not pity him. Is it pity I feel for Muraki? Watching the waiter walk over, I whisper, "Thank you." [The hell. He almost went crazy when Muraki first suggested to him that he has demon blood. He tried to remove his telltale eyes with a sharp rock, for fuck sakes. And now he THANKS Muraki for telling him?] He only nods his head and looks at the waiter. I speak up, "I don't understand the language." [Neither does the author, it seems.] Muraki chuckles and orders us both our meals which I'm grateful for. [Because for some reason, here in WTF-Japan-Ville, they don't speak Japanese.] Asking him while I take the glass of wine to my lips, "What did you order for me?" [I know I always let psychos order my food.]

He answers with a gentle smile, "I ordered us both streaks with peas on the side. [Oh, it's some kind of a Dadaist restaurant, much like the bar earlier in the story. Streaks with Peas sounds like it could be a pretentious indie band, too.] Is that okay with you, Mr. Tsuzuki?"

After taking a slip [SIP. You don't even have to buy a dictionary; there are dozens available online. Google it. Of course, I might be asking too much of you. If you can't spell "sip", it could take you years to manage "online dictionary".] of the red wine [that materialised on the table], I mumble, "That's fine." Muraki is so different from before. The only person I have told about seeing Muraki was Soka. [And of course THAT went down well, as the Hisoka in this weirdo universe is quite fond of Muraki and ready to forgive him any day of the week as long as he can continue to shag Muraki's best friend.] My cell phone rings and I look at the caller ID to see that Tatsumi is trying to reach me. Answering the phone, I mumble, "Hello, Siichiro." [FUCKING LEARN HOW TO SPELL THEIR NAMES ALREADY. Why do you even write fanfiction if you can't be bothered to get their names right? I've noticed Kira's name is always perfectly spelled...]

He replies, "Hello, Asato. Where are you?"

Looking at Muraki to see sadness in his eyes, I answer in a cold voice, ["In a very repetitive fic, Siiieeiichiuiraeo. Get me out of here before I have to tell you the colour of my eyes."] "Out." Muraki gives me a confused look. Shrugging my shoulders, I reply to my lover, "I needed some time alone. I'll talk to you later." Hanging up the phone before he could respond, I reply to Muraki, "Sorry about that." [Wow, I can certainly see how much Tsuzuki cares about Tatsumi.]

He shakes his head and resorts, "You do not have to be. What is going on with you two?"

Staring at my cell phone in my hand as I whisper, "I don't know any more." He is so kind to me. Why is Muraki being so nice to me?

Waking up with sweat on my body, [So, that was both a dream and a flashback? Just guessing here.] I mumble as warm tears roll down my face, "Why did I dream that? Oh, Kazutaka." Feeling the pain of loss again as I lie back down on the silk sheets [TM] with the pillow against my chest once again. It was such a beautiful dream too. It will never been the same. [Certainly not in that tense, anyway.] It looks like we were meant to be alone and never feel love. I think, "No that is not right. We loved each other and we felt it. So, why are we apart now?" [Because he died and it's freaky of you to want to cuddle his body.] Hearing a knock on the door, I mumble, "Come in." Soka [HISOKA] walks in with sadness in his eyes. [I thank him and tell him to put it in the sadness barrel in the corner.] Guessing I woke him up with my emotions, I mumble, "Sorry, Soka." He walks to the bed and takes a seat on the edge of the bed. Mumbling while I hold the pillow closer to me, "Sorry."

He hugs me [thus making things as uncomfortable for himself as possible, and ensuring his own insanity, if one is to believe this fic,] as he replies, "You have nothing to be sorry about, Tsuzuki. You are in pain now and I understand that. I wouldn't know what to do if Oriya died [because none of us have lives anymore and these unhealthy relationships are all we have left]. I will always be here for you, Tsuzuki. Please remember that. [At least something's right even in this bleak universe.]"

Wiping away my tears, I whisper to him as I see Oriya walk into the room, "Thank you, Soka." Looking over my shoulder [Is it just me, or is Tsuzuki spinning madly around on the bed?] to see Oriya leaning against the door frame, I reply, "Thank you for letting me stay."

He looks at me before speaking, "It is the least I can do for someone who helped Kazu. [And by "helped", I do mean buttsex.]"

Giving him a confuse look, I ask, "What did I do for him?" [What DIDN'T you do for him? Nothing else seemed to matter to you, that's for sure.]

Oriya shakes his head while stating, "Damn, you two are the same. You helped him become himself again." [Ha ha... Oh, the irony of this statement.] He smiles at me before speaking again, "And for that Tsuzuki, I will always be thankful for."

Not believing what I heard from Oriya. I helped Kazutaka become himself again. Smiling to myself while I think, "He told me that too, but that didn't stop him from dying." [I wonder why. Self-awareness usually protects one from stupid death.]

Hisoka speaks up, "Stop thinking like that, Tsuzuki. It is not your fault."

Blinking at him a few times, I remember he can read my emotions. [Good for you! Maybe you still have a small lump of brain left!] Mumbling while I sit up in bed, "Sorry." Soka shakes his head to tell me it is all right. Looking at Oriya, I ask, "Tomorrow will be the funeral?" [Yikes, that was fast. Well, the sooner the better, I guess, if they have to make sure the cops never find the corpse.]

Oriya responds as he shakes his head, "No. It is today. I had to make sure everyone thought it was tomorrow. I don't need people asking questions. [Fine, I won't ask, then.] Katrina is the only one who knows something is up about you, guys, but she is trust worthy. [Also, none of my other employees have names.] So, you don't have to worry about her."

Standing up, I ask, "What time is it going to start?"

Oriya states, "It will be in two hours. [Still not asking! Are they just going to dig a hole in the backyard and dump Muraki in?] It gives us all enough time to get ready. Mr. Tatsumi and Mr. Watari says that they will be there for you, but they had to head back." [Great friends he's got. If only they could've saved Tsuzuki from Muraki's manipulations earlier, I might find it easier to like them.] He takes a deep breath before speaking again, "I will also like you to come back here for awhile. [What?] So, I make sure you are all right. Muraki would kill me if I let anything happen to you. [I just told as much to the audience, but I thought I'd repeat it to you, too.]"

Smiling at him, I reply, "Yeah, that sounds like him. [Aww, my murderous beloved. Excuse me, I'm getting all teary again.] I'll go get ready now. [Ohmigod, I have nothing to wear!]"

Take a deep breath before we plunge into Muraki's funeral!

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