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Oh Auron takes me encore!

Time for some more Grief, the lovely little fic written completely in Anglish! Last time Yuna got to lick all Tidus's anise candy parts, so now it's Auron's turn. Keep your pens and pencils ready, because you're going to want to scribble this pillow talk down - for possible tee-shirt suggestions, if for nothing else.

I'll warn you that the fic ahead contains references to shota - or minors, in this case thirteen-year-olds, having sex, if you don't know the term. Oh, and spoilers for FFX, since it's Auron, y'know.

Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story. [You totally should. Babelfish has tried to master this level of gibberish for years.]

Titre : Grief [Not Glief? Come on, just for consistency's sake.]
Couples : Auron/Tidus. Yaoi
Rated : NC-17 no kiddies ! [Aw shucks. And I had my money on kiddie-friendly gay porn.]
Genre: Consensual. [When did that become a literary genre?] Not shota! [Definitely not. I mean, Auron is already dead. You don't get much less shota than that.]
Disclaimers: I don’t own ffX’s characters ! [You have a disclaimer for every day of the week, don't you?]

Tidus: POV*

« - Open your mouth and don't protest. » [Well, this is off to a great start!]
This voice, quiet and dry could only belong to one man. We were in an inn of the thunderstruck plain, before reaching Macalania’s forest, to continue the pilgrimage of Yuna…Yuna, I would never like that she learns what happened between him and me since I was younger. He had raised me when my father died [Aaaand we are now entering WTF Land. The AU sirens are going crazy in my head.] and had built me precisely as his will… [You shall be mine. My own! And I shall call you... Will, and dress you up as a dashing young blacksmith!] I am submitted to him, indebted, [Yup, obviously some AU timeline here. Since when did Tidus become a romance novel heroine, forced to whore himself to his surrogate father to pay off his debts?] and everything that you could imagine. [Tidus is everything I could ever imagine? Wow. Now there's an excellent boytoy. Dance, Will, dance!]

I was sat, [As in... Inuyasha sat? Those necklaces must be all the rage in Spira.] legs separated on the bed, half - naked. The only dress that regained my tanned body [...Tidus has a Phoenix Down dress? Didn't see that Accessory coming... Frankly, it's a blatant rip-off of Cloud's well-known kink.] was my yellow cutaway, wet by the perspiration. [Oh, ew. Forget that silly dress, he needs to equip a stick of deodorant.] My breathing accelerated, as the time passed after the order that it had given to me. [Time orders him around? Couldn't he just Haste himself?] Has true to say, this situation was more that exciting. [I'll say! Sitting on the bed, naked, soaked in sweat, waiting for further instructions from time itself. I can't wait for the sex!] Does And yew have person in entered and saw custom has position very compromising ? [*scribbles down* I have no idea what it means, but it sounds great when read aloud in a Japanese accent.] My imagination overflowed as it came closer of me, such a wolf before its easy prey. [It? Oh, no sex then. Or, wait a minute...] He removed his red kimono, before my eyes, and his black leotard.


...BWA HA HA HA HA HA! For those of you who haven't played the games, this is Auron, and no, he's not a spandex enthusiast, nor is he going through a brief geisha phase. He's wearing a black leather vest under his red coat. That's rather more manly than prancing around like a Japanese princess watching a Jane Fonda exercise tape. I'm holding onto this mental image, though.]

He had only his black trousers and his very imposing torso. [Omigod, where did his limbs go?] This man was built like a God, and in my most twisted fantasies, I imagined us, Yuna and me, made him love together. [But logically, that's not until chapter three, and that's not been written yet, so let's get back to the plain ol' domination games.] There, he was enough close to me, and can bend me above, so that our faces nearly glued themselves. [...Auron twisted Tidus into a pretzel and glued his face to something? That's creative S/M for you, I give you that.] As soon as he wanted to seize my face, [I guess the childhood quip, "Yeah, you and what army?" was created for moments like this.] I said:

« The person that I like that at the moment is Yuna. [Try again in a few hours!] Ain’t luck old man!” [Japan, the country of Hard Gay and Pudding Princess, has to have Ain't Luck Old Man in some wacky comedy show, too.]
I adored to provoke me, [That's rather self-centered of you, isn't it?] to see his reaction after have irritate him. But my god always remained impassive and contented with breezily telling me:
« - Fool. »
He straightened himself, and came down his zipper: [I now imagine itsy-bitsy Aurons running down someone's zipper. Or then a rather embarrassing teen romance moment.]
« You are going to give to me my favourite sweet? [Is it the anise candy? Oh God, I've been dying for those! Hope you brought the unmelting kind.] You will be empty if you let me suck my sweet! » I warned him with these words, without embarrassing me. [There's an autofellatio joke lurking somewhere in there, but I can't quite grasp it...] To play with his nerves was my favourite game. He took his divine member, [I bet it had a shining halo and little, white wings.] then and I uttered a scream of virgin of a startled. [OMG! THAT MEMBER IS SO DIVINE MY WORDS ARE IN THE WRONG ORDER!] What a sex ! [It's enough to make a guy scream like a startled virgin!] As enormous as that one I never have known of it! [Okay, you're starting to get pretty convoluted there, but dude, who can blame you! DIVINE PENIS!] And there, he got ready to put it to me in my mouth. [Might as well, it's already hanging open and everything.]

I opened my very humid lips [Weather is always tropical in the country of Tidus! Bring antiperspirant.] to welcome his swollen member and conqueror. [My member... my captain... my CONQUEROR.] [*calls Boromir on his Invisible Phone and apologises profusely for the cheap joke*] He put his penis enough deeply in my mouth, to simplify me the work. [Um. How exactly would that make it easier?] I sucked it avidly, [I confess. I had to look up that word.] without stopping me, brutally, while closing my eyes ! [I don't know who's doing what. Is Tidus attempting to provoke himself again?] It was so intense to have his sex and his semen that founded in my mouth. [These are not the verbs you are looking for...] I seized his foreskin [If you really love the word, you'll promise to look it up in the dictionary sometime, won't you, author dear?] and moistened it of my saliva, while accelerating my movement of sucked. [XD I think that's going to become my favourite way to indicate that the story is going nowhere fast. It is accelerating the movement of sucked!] It recalled me the first blowjob that I made him when I was hardly fourteen years old.

[...Um, no. These are squickable things, and for a good reason. The author even went out of her way to tell us there would be no shota in this story, and then I run smack into a thirteen-year-old Tidus accelerating the movement of sucked on Auron's divine member. What speshul definition of shota is this?]

The first clumsiness let practiced movement. I opened my lids to look at him, who caressed my blond hair and my nape. He told me to go there again farther. [Nuh-uh! You didn't just go there!] I seized [And there's that pet word again... don't worry, we got that the name of the game is domination; you can dig out a thesaurus now.] his penis with my two hands, to suck it and to jerk off him at the same time. [Good holy Jesus on a sling, how monstrously big is that thing? Not only is he sucking it, he's also wanking it with two hands!] There, he increasingly pronounced quickly my name and insulted me. [TidustidustidustidustidusCUNT?] That I was only good to play the whore before him. And his words excited me more again. Then, I nearly put all his sex in my throat, [...I'm not asking.] that contracted itself every time that he pushed in my mouth. Has true to say, I had the sensation to choke but it was decreased by scream’s pleasure of Auron. [Scream's Pleasure of Auron: famous muscle relaxant. Now available in all Anglish-speaking countries!] Without waiting, he seized me my nape [I have been told that this "nape" thing has a French origin, but it still does not explain the author's strange fascination with the word "seize". I'm starting to think it's more a kink by now.] and ordered me not to move. He ejaculated in my throat, before withdrawing his hard sex covered with his seed. [He's still hard? And he's not only well past his teen years, HE'S VERY MUCH DEAD? Auron has been taking the same Viagra substitutes as Anne Rice's undead gayboys, hasn't he?] From my tongue to his foreskin, I saw this long net of semen [Am not linking to that "Spiderman will make you gay" animation. Am not.] that made me all hard, and him as besides.
« You will have to close your eyes because what I am going to make you risk to damage your eyes. » He coldly said to me. [Hell, he has your undead, ever-hard cock down his throat. What are you going to do, kill a kitten?]

He continued to ejaculate on my face, my cheeks, my chin, my lips and also my bust. [...How many litres of that stuff does he spurt out? And how many hours does it usually take him to finish ejaculating? The word "bust" also makes me think of moobs. I do not want bukkake'd moobs in my FFX porn. DO NOT WANT.] I saw, behind his black glasses, that he adored to make me it. [No one knew about Auron's secret passion for Tag.] [Argh. Now this mental picture of a leotard-clad Auron running around tagging people and giggling won't leave me alone. I wish I could draw.] He loved let me at his mercy and this situation put him in this state of absolute excitation. [It's pretty absolute, all right. His penis just won't go down! Perhaps the white, divine wings are keeping it up.] After having covered me with his/her/its semen [...Tidus doesn't know??] [Okay, this part at least HAS to be Babelfished. I refuse to believe even natives of Anglishland would write that.] of which I feasted he/it dove on me, me striking the hands with violence : [HI-YAH! BUTTBOY CHOP!]
« Hey Old dirty perverse man, I won’t run away! [We'll finish this battle, here in the land of humid Tidus!] Or you want fills me with your thick cock? [Long time? Suki suki? Five dolla?]
« -Dominating you my little blitzball’s player is better. [Oh God, horrid euphemism time. Yeah, play with those balls, boy. Auron is going to show you who put the blitz in blitzball.] I like to feel you submitted and see you trying to change the situation. » [He just offered to bottom for Auron. I'm not seeing much struggling going on here. Obviously, Auron's taught him well when Tidus was hardly in his teens oh god not thinking about that.] He answered him, quietly.
« I like it my old perverse man ! [Old Perverse Man and Ain't Luck Old Man must meet up every Thursday for coffee and dominoes. Dirty dominoes.] But you always kiss me with your black glasses !» [I wonder how that's accomplished. Maybe Auron makes Tidus clean them up with his tongue? No, that mental image isn't very appealing.] I immediately removed them to him and entertained me with the show. [Oh wow! I've heard of jewels in people's eyes, but Auron has the entire Broadway in his!] He was very beautiful and sexier!
« Take me Auron ! I belong to you. » [Tidus must be a true Broadway fan.] He said me, while separating my legs, while caressing me the torso.

"I said 'me'. Because I wanted to, all right? Jeez."
"Um, why are you caressing that random torso?"
"I'm caressing you, too; what the hell are you complaining about? Stop asking all these questions and get your ass in the air. I'm in the mood for some seizing."]

My velvety voice had an even sexier effect than I didn't imagine. [This is even more convoluted than I didn't imagine.] [Velvety voice, what the hell? Tidus has a slightly nasal, hi-I'm-a-perky-young-American-boy voice. Oh dear, I'm getting convoluted too, aren't I?] He penetrated me this time, [They switch occasionally? Didn't see that coming.] without preparing me in advance, violently. [OUCH. It was violent during Yuna's first time, in chapter one, too. What on earth is so sexy about bleeding orifices? Someone explain this to me. Or, rather, don't, I don't particularly want this kink rationalised.] It was the first time that he made me it, [HE TAGGED ME! HE TAGGED ME!] [This kindergartenish expression of love is also a strange kink I don't particularly want explained.] whereas usually, he put me a ton of lubricant.

["You're going to stand there until you learn that your name is Will."
"But it's so slippery. And vaguely strawberry-scented. And my name's Tidus."
"STRIKE TWO! No tagging, EVER."]

[I think I'm enjoying writing these little dialogue snippets a little too much. Oh well.]

But queerly, the pain and the absolute pleasure mixed themselves in my head and my body. [SURPRISE ASS SEX WITHOUT LUBE HURTS LIKE FUCKING HELL. If you don't believe me, shove a cucumber up your ass right now. In this case, make it a huge, divine cucumber. ...Actually, if you have a huge, divine cucumber, don't listen to me, sell it on Ebay instead.] Of his part, this brutality returned it again more cracking, and more sexy! [Super-scrunchy Auron! Now available with more sexy!]
« Oh Auron takes me encore !

[HA HA HA HA HA HA HA *falls down on the floor* *chokes* *dies* *laughs the wheezing cackle of the undead* Oh Anglish. I love you.]

[From now on, imagine Tidus speaking with a lithping Fwench accent. I know I will.]

Fill me more ! OH !!!!! ! » I screamed without stopping me, as my torso blushed, [His TORSO blushed? What the heck is wrong with Tidus's body? His torso sweats like mad and blushes! Is his heart literally on fire, or what?] and that he moved in me. He went faster, and put more and more of his penis in my hole many times filled. [It's certainly going to look like a hole many times filled after this little encounter. Jesus Disco Christ, what a trooper.] Stretched out on the back, on the small bed, Auron made me move top - in - bottom, [What? I knew Auron wore that leotard for a reason in this fic. He's apparently really into extreme gymnastics.] with energy and virility. I blushed [Not just your over-heated chest this time?] and increasingly breathed with difficulty at each of his thrust, as painful as delicious. I embraced his back, my legs that rolled up his size, [...Rolled him up? Okay, way too weird, moving on.] once I toppled my hips : [...They were being rebellious? They had turned to the Dark Side?]
« -Auron ! Oh yes !!! There, there down! Oohhhhhhhhh!!!! » [Is it some kind of a rule in Anglishsex that one participant must make a helluva racket, while the other one hardly even grunts? Tidus was doing the spelunking in the last chapter, and he didn't seem too loud then... But he also didn't have a huge, divine cock shoved up his ass, so that might have something to do with it.]

He kissed me the chin, the neck and then finally my lips. His kiss was so ardent that I decided to abandon me to him ! [Wait, wasn't this decision made a long time ago? Hasn't he been Auron's obedient little buttboy since he was thirteen?] He dominated me once again, but that time, I put of it to me. [...Your guess is as good as mine. More monkey-like contortions?] He perfectly knew me and guessed what excited me comfortably. [Comfortably? Then how about taking that huge freakin' unlubed cock out of his ass?] He was one so big expert of sex [who doesn't use lube. No. Fail.] that I adored to see him taking me anyhow. Then, he finished to crush me of all his weight, because I was below him, [and it's so difficult to crush someone under your weight when they're above you. This lesson in logic was brought to you by Tidus, part-time Will Turner and buttboy extraordinaire.] and he was laying down on the back, on the sheets undone of the bed. [Wow, usually it's the other way around, but those must be some damn dominating sheets. They throw the bed off them.] First surprised, he made me sit down on there and there, I felt his hot penis in my hole. [If you can write "hot penis in a hole", you goddamn can't get away with "there and there". Unless Tidus was sitting down on several random places before suddenly feeling the hot penis inside him? No idea. It's not any more random than other things in this sex scene, so I'll let it go.] I uttered a small scream of pain and ecstasy, [Just a small scream. Not the medium-sized one, and hold the fries, thanks.] that made it melt. [Made what melt? The hot-hot penis? I knew parts of Tidus were strangely over-heated, but jeez, what a horrid end to their encounter. Maybe the child-molesting Gymnast!Auron deserved it, though.]
« You like when I put you all, Tidus ? [Put him all what? Come on, help me out here. They could bring in the armadillo and the marching band and I wouldn't bat an eyelash at this point.]
« Oh yes Auron ! Your sex is so good… » I said to him, ashamed. [Oh, you're not fooling anyone, you suki-suki-five-dolla hussy.]
« As you like you to be fucked, I am going therefore to make hop you! »

[*DEATH BY GIGGLING* It's a good way to go.]

[First Tag, now Hopscotch! Oh boy, maybe they'll try some Hide-and-Seek next! It's a whole kindergarten of delights in wacky Anglishland!]

He didn't absolutely make me a gift. [Just put a bow on top and shoved a card into his mouth. But surely that doesn't count!] Quickly, he took my fine hips [High opinion of yourself, have you, young butt-Padawan?] and didn't stop withdrawing me and to make sit me on his beautiful tail. [TAIL. That brings me right back to German. God, the Rammstein flashbacks. Please don't cook him in a pot; we weren't warned there'd be vore, either.] There, I restarted my scream of pleasures, this time without scream of pain. [Oh yeah, a tearing orifice tends to just suddenly stop hurting mid-fuck. For reals.] My ass that rubbed itself every time at his penis increasingly stimulated me. [First he provoked himself, and now his own ass is stimulating him. Yeah, kind of self-centered, but I bet most folks don't get as much out of masturbation as this Tidus.] I moaned increasingly strong while observing his reaction I liked :
« You like being fucked ! » [Nothing turned Tidus on like self-evident facts. Why, at the mention of the sky being blue, he'd come right in his pants.]
« Yes I adore to make me fuck ! [Aw, come on, me! Make with the fucking!] Continue ! Fuck me!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!! ! »
He now pressed my buttocks, completely perspiring and intoxicated of pleasure. [Does the author have a weird perspiration kink, too? Soon I'm going to have to make a list.] And there, I got to tremble of all my body, as covered by an electric current. [Oh, crap! I thought we agreed, no Thundaga in bed! I don't care how much that Emperor-and-rebellious-little-Skywalker roleplay turns you on!] I believe, yes I believe that I met the orgasm. [I clapped my hands and there the orgasm was! After sprinkling me with fairy dust it went on its way to star in another yaoi fic occuring just next door.] It was not my first objective, [I mean, jeez, sex has nothing to do with having an orgasm, right?] but I must confess you that the sensation was the best! [Yeah, I've had a few, Tidus. Glad you finally got to experience one, too.]

And there I enjoyed completely while screaming his name. Auron made in the same way, while shouting a Tidus of fire. [...WOW. I bet even Ifrit is jealous. Auron breathed out a Tidus made out of fire. Strange un-birthing kink? I'll put it on the list, just in case.] I trusted that he repeated my name as much time, because it was if excitant ! [No idea.] Twenty minutes later, I was laying down at these sides, [These, right here! I hadn't spontaneously slapped on someone else's sides by mistake!] fearing that he slept without speaking to him, happy of the night that we had passed. [That was a whole night? Um, no. Maybe fifteen minutes of sex, and twenty minutes of lying on these sides fearing that Auron is asleep.] Queerly he tightened me in his arms, [Now THAT'S what I want on my tee-shirt, over a picture of Gymnast!Auron and WillTurner!Tidus cuddling in the bed - sorry, on the sheets, the sheets threw away the bed.] half - naked and he whispered:
« You liked it my beloved ? [BELOVED? How utterly creepy after all the rough sex and hints that a) their spelunking started when Tidus was thirteen, b) Tidus has never had an orgasm with him before this.]
« Oh yes Auron…I loved it! [Remember the French accent and the lisping. It's very essential when you try to imagine Tidus spouting this crap.]
« And Yuna… » [Well, HELLO, non sequitur!] [I've told you, Auron, not before the third chapter! Follow multi-chapter PWP logic, now.]
I refused Auron to discover my true feelings for her. [I have doubts about how true those feelings are, Hussy!Tidus.] I convinced myself that she was only a sister for me but actually, I was in love with her. [So which one is it? Or has Gymnast!Auron taught you a little too well?] [Incest... kink. *writes down*] What I made with Auron excited me but annoyed myself also because I had the impression to deceive two people. [Gee, I wonder where you'd get that impression.] I got lost completely in my choices. Auron, Yuna…I kissed him and pretended lull me not to answer to answer his question. [Ah, you chose the path of the lost and confused. Easy way out. Keep talking like that to Yuna when she asks what is really going on between you and Auron, and watch as she gets so baffled by your response that she decides to drop it.] And there, I felt the true grief…. [At least Tidus's grief makes sense, unlike Yuna's. But hey, they both have bleeding orifices now! Surely that is a sign of... something. Possibly sibling-like. Don't ask me, I just bitch here.]

POV *: view point! [Thank you for explaining that to me. Other than that, it was clear as crystals on ice!]
Here is, I now finished to write my crowfoot, [Oh, flowers! I like flowers.]

if you want my e-mail that is the I can write English and French fic even though I master French more that English! [Oh no. Who ever gave you that idea?] You read the French version in [No, I don't, actually. I bet it's nowhere near as hilarious. And it probably doesn't have the leotards and pretty flowers that make a good gaysex scene.]


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