August 11th, 2010

At this moment I'd love to set your hair aflame and dance around you like a native during sacrifice

Why, hello my dearest non - aquaintances. I'm here for ... What else? Ficbitch.
This is my first ever, though with this pile of dead brain cells it shouldn't be too bad.

Today we have an "author" who makes me only wish that my cat had successfully clawed my eyes out all those times. The one, and GLADLY only, KidHeart4. I do realize a while ago anatinea did this same author, doing half of her first story. I commend anatinea and I don't blame them for not getting through that abomination. However, I don't want to steal their thunder and finish the second half of it (secretly because I'm an ass) so I've decided to do another one of her "lovely" little chapters, or stories, or whatever.

Enjoy ... or not.
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